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10 Best Small Bathroom Designs

Tuesday, October 1st 2013. | Bathroom, Interior Design

Just because your bathroom is small does not mean it cannot be beautiful! Here are some beautifully designed smaller bathrooms from which you can gain inspiration.


10. This bathroom is narrow but it uses both walls – it has a nice amount of storage. Also, the mirror glass surfaces make the room appear larger.

9. White and well-lit gives the illusion of space.


8. You can use that small space around the corner or, in this case, under the stairs to fit in a guest bathroom.

7. Small bathrooms need creative storage solutions and we loved these two examples:







6. A cute unique touch can make a small bathroom magical! This under the stairs bathroom added a bookshelf that matched the shape of the room in their bathroom to give it some character. It is also great storage space.



5. This bathroom is unique because it has its toilet and shower back to back to fit them in a tighter space, which we thought was clever!

4. This bathroom is contemporary, simple, small, and clean. You can fit all you need into a small space and still make it look chic, and the designers of this bathroom proved it.

3. This attic bathroom is unique. It may be small, but the designers compensated for the low ceiling by placing a low tub instead of a shower, and it is well lit by a skylight and a lamp, and the basket storage really fits the old style feel of the room.

2. We loved this bathroom for its mirrors and glass which make it look bigger, its reflective surfaces, the brightness, and the color accents.

1. This bathroom designer placed an optical illusion mural behind the toilet to make this narrow bathroom space look much larger than it is in a fun and creative manner!



We hope this is helpful for you in your battle to make your place look more spacious! For more ideas, check out the photo gallery!


10 Best Small Bathroom Designs Photo Gallery:

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