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10 Fantastic Reading Corner Furniture Ideas!

Sunday, September 29th 2013. | Furniture

In every dream bedroom there has to be a reading corner! What you design really depends on how much room you have and the physical design of your room.

Here are some great furniture ideas and designs to consider when planning your bedroom masterpiece!

1. If you have a Window Bay, you can place a mattress on it and some pillows to create a fantastic reading corner. You should check for wiring and see about posting a lamp against a wall, or hanging one from up above.


2. If you have some room, you should consider placing a couch, or more than one seat.


3. Another thing to consider, which we at the office find very important, is a table or storage place for your reading material. A coffee would be preferred, so that you have space to place your coffee or tea mug, but just a storage place is important too.

 (Check Out Their Book Basket!)

(This reading corner has a table and is placed by a cabinet and has baskets for your books and room to place your mug)

4. If you are getting a seat, you should decide on whether you would like an ottoman with that or not.


5. One more thing to think about is, if you’re getting a couch or a seat, whether you want the design to fit the room.

 (Blue Matching Reading Corner)

(Not-Matching Dark Purple Reading Corner – It might not match, but it still looks nice!)

6. You can also choose what type of couch you want – an L-shaped one, a regular one with armrests, or something unique altogether.


7. Placement should also be considered. Some people choose to place their reading area in a corner, or a by a window, or at the foot of the bed.


8. Inset reading corners are also an option! Check out this great inset library!

9. The design of the chair – whether it has a tall back or short back, arm rests, plush, leather, or cotton fabric – these are all considerations that should be going through your head.

10. If you have a fireplace in your bedroom, we recommend you place your reading corner near it. It gives a warm and homey feeling.

For more great Reading Corner ideas, check out our photo gallery below!


10 Fantastic Reading Corner Furniture Ideas! Photo Gallery:


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