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10 Spectacular Dining Room Light Fixtures!

Tuesday, October 8th 2013. | Home Design

There is such a wide array of beautiful and fascinating light fixtures to place over your dining room table! Here we have collected some examples to share with you!



1. These light white discs reflect the light. They also give the light fixture a fluffy looking texture.

2. This light fixture is modern yet natural at the same time.

3. These many glass cylinders reflect the light beautifully and reflect off the glass table, adding even more brightness to the dining room.

4. This light fixture is reminiscent of tree roots reaching out.


5. This light fixture is made up of light bulbs within glass bottles. It is creative and fun but also beautiful and unique.

6. These circular, half-metallic, half-glass hanging light fixtures are modern and light and are very effective in brightening a room.

7. These simple hanging lights add a soft touch to this large, dark, wooden room.

8. This is like the traditional, medieval castle chandeliers but modernized and made to fit a modern room, with electricity and a smaller size.

9. These electric candle chandelier light fixtures are cute in that they light the room in a soft, mellow lighting. Their dark color and size take a central position in the design of this room.

10. This modern art light fixture reminded of us cubist artwork. It reflects light beautifully and its clean cut lines make it classy.

Need some more? Check out our photo gallery!!


10 Spectacular Dining Room Light Fixtures! Photo Gallery:

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