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15 Unique and Heavenly Swimming Pools

Wednesday, October 9th 2013. | Pools

These swimming pools are just phenomenal! How heavenly would it be to jump into one of these? Take a little vacation from life and look through our list of stunning pools.


1. This pool at the edge of the ocean, with the wooden deck, the pagoda, and the comfortable round couches РI do not see myself ever leaving  home!

2. Imagine sitting in beautiful blue waters, and relaxing, so close to a big city! This view of Singapore is absolutely breathtaking.

3. This underwater cave pool, with the water raining from above in a small waterfall, creates a mystical atmosphere and is truly an escape from the hustle and bustle of the world outside.

4. This pool is both indoor and outdoor  Рdepending on the weather! And it serves as a wonderful pool cover too!

5. This pool is so fantastically blue, with a stunning view, and look at that wonderful patio with upholstered furniture! I could spend days on days in this backyard!

6. This pool is SO COOL! You do laps into the view from a stunning building! I’m not sure how terrified I would, personally, be but the design is stunning.

7. This garden pool has stunning green pathways and an adorable, cleverly designed seating area. I could not imagine a more unique, stunning, and fun place to spend a warm afternoon.

8. Glass Floor Pool on a skyscraper…experience of a lifetime anyone?

9. So what if you live in an apartment in a skyscraper in the Big City? That doesn’t mean you can’t have a pool in your backyard!

10. This pool has a beautiful jungle setting and a cute, artificial sky waterfall. It just looks like a lot of fun.

11. These glass side pools are stunning.

12. These adorable, floating lights make swimming in this pool at night a truly unique experience.

13. Want to feel like you’re living in a modern-day castle? Build a moat-style pool around your house!

14. The view, the setting, and the actual floor design of this pool all go so stunningly well together…we had to put it in this list!

15. This pool has a beautiful view and a nice layered design that fits the design of the house. I could imagine myself spending the entire warm day in the pool, and once the evening starts crawling in, step into that beautiful jacuzzi and watch the sunset from within bubbling hot water….The perfect day.

Well that was a relaxing trip around the world…For more fantastical images of stunning pools, check out our photo gallery below!

15 Unique and Heavenly Swimming Pools Photo Gallery:

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