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7 Ways to Give Your Bedroom A Warmer Touch

Monday, September 16th 2013. | Bedroom

As we enter Autumn Season and the weather gets colder, we found ourselves wanting to cuddle up in bed more often. Sometimes you just want to leave the modern art coldness and return to that rustic feeling of warmth and comfort. Here we’ve found some excellent examples for ways to make your bedroom feel homier and more welcoming.


1. Warm colors that remind us of warmth, like colors of fire or earth, are what we want to put into our bedrooms to make them more inviting. Think deep reds, oranges, and browns.

2. Wood is key to making a room feel warm. It makes us think of nature, home, and safety. We are talking wooden floors, or wooden furniture, and even in some examples which you can find in our gallery have wooden wall decorations.

3. When you think warm and inviting, you think family, friends, laughter – things that make you happy and comfortable. That is why one more way to make your room warm and inviting is by placing photographs of loved ones around – whether it be on the bedside table, on the wall, or above the fireplace.

4. Speaking of fireplaces…Fire makes a room feel warmer, and lighting in general. Soft lighting with lamps, or the placement of a fireplace in the room, immediately gives the space a more rustic, warm feel.

5. Part of making a room seem warmer is making it comfortable. Along with some dim lighting, maybe will some small lights, add some pillows and throws around. It will make anyone just want to jump into bed!

6. The bed is not the only pace that should feel comfortable when it comes to a bedroom. The surround area should be comfortable too. You could do this by placing a comfortable rug on the floor, keeping the floor warm in the winter, and giving your bare toes something fun to play with

7. When people think of a warm place, the thing of a protected place, an enclosed space, with privacy. Placing large, heavy wooden furniture to make the person feel like the furniture is substantial, placing curtains around a bed, or placing large rustic doors on the room, can add a magical medieval touch that can truly transform a room into a safe-haven.


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