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8 Awesome Small Kitchen Ideas

Sunday, September 29th 2013. | Apartment, Interior Design, Kitchen

Are you living in a small space? Just because your kitchen area is small does not mean it cannot be beautiful!

Here are some great small kitchens you can gather inspiration from.


1. One solution to all your problems is building a crafty cupboard for all your needs! If you are living on your own, or just two, and can deal with a miniature fridge and not many dishes, this is the solution for you!

2. These home owners may have a tiny kitchen, but by using a red and white color theme and using jars to fit the old wooden charm of this kitchen, they’ve turned it into adorable!


3. This kitchen may be small, but it is efficient and clean! The clean white lines and the effective storage make this kitchen workable. You may need a hot plate and a toaster oven, and you may have a smaller fridge, but these home owners made it work for them.


4. This kitchen designer used the Galley Kitchen design to get more storage and counter area out of a small kitchen space. Inset shelves and clean cupboards make this kitchen more chic.



5. This kitchen designer managed to arrange a place for a breakfast bar by hooking a counter space around the kitchen area. But by leaving it a bar and not making it a galley kitchen, while they reduced storage space, they made the whole apartment area more open.


6. What we at the Home Design Trends offices liked about this kitchen is the unique storage space. The upright plate shelving, the wine holding area, and this table that can be used as both a dining area and counter space attracted our attention to this small kitchen design.


7. This kitchen is small but uses both the inside and the outside of the cupboards for storage. We also liked the closet for the fridge to make the whole kitchen look more cohesive.


8. These home owners bought a foldable dining table that can comfortably fit their kitchen for small meals, but can be moved and readjusted for when guests arrive.

For more small kitchen decor ideas, check out our photo gallery below.


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