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8 Great Ways to Get More Out Of Your Living Room Space

Monday, September 16th 2013. | Living Room

Some living rooms are just not as big as others, but we have found some ways for you to make the most out of your living room space. Here are some techniques, tips, and quirky ideas to maximize the space you have and still have it look great!


1. Colors, Colors, Colors!! By keeping your walls white, or adding a light, bright color – anything to brighten up a room will make it seem bigger.

2. Windows – if you are lucky enough to have a window, definitely arrange your living room in a way so that it is lit up by this window, because light gives the illusion of space.

3. If you have a patio, try to get glass windows between the outside and the inside living area – it extends the space and makes it seem more open, therefore larger.

4. Glass tables and reflective side tables or furniture is preferred over heavy furniture. It gives the illusion of more space and makes the room seem less heavy.

5. Inset furniture makes use of wall space. For example, placing a flat screen TV into an inset in your wall or fireplace means it does not jut out and take up more space in your room. Another idea is inset bookcases, so that the wall seems decorative and is useful but also does not take up any more space in your room.

Here’s an example of an Inset Fireplace along with space for fire wood


Here is an example of inset bookcases:


6. Multipurpose Storage Spaces in your living room can be very useful. Instead of needing to place another closet or cabinet in the room, you can purchase furniture that can be opened and used as storage!


And here is another clever example:


7. ¬†Foldable furniture may not seem as chic, but it’s sleek design and wonderful utility makes it impressive to your guests. You can find extendable side coffee tables, or even, in our example here, a dining table that folds down against the wall when not in use!

8. Last but not least, Shelves. I know this might surprise you, but shelves can save a lot of floor space for seating below, while still providing you with storage space above! Find some excellent examples here and in our Photo Gallery below!



8 Great Ways to Get More Our of Your Living Room Space Photo Gallery:

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