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9 Small Bedroom Designs

Sunday, September 29th 2013. | Apartment, Bedroom, Interior Design

Even the biggest houses can have small bedrooms, and that does not mean you cannot make them just as beautiful!

Here are some beautiful small bedroom designs and decor ideas:


1. The bright and light colored walls and the mirrors make this room happy and appealing despite its small size. The themed furniture and antique style decor give the room some character as well.

2. This room, while narrow, has extra storage space under the bed (which we give extra points for!)

3. This white room looks larger than it is because of the clean white color along with the mirrored wall – which seemingly doubles the size of the room!

4. This room is small but the furniture is well positioned so that everything fits. While the patterned walls may give the effect of an even smaller room, as well as the dark black outline, the room seems comfortable with the matching bed and table, as well as the adorable curtains.

5. This room is small but space is maximized by using all the space under the bed for storage and work, and the lofted bed means that it does not take up more floor space!

6. The light furniture in this small room makes the room look more spacey.


7. This room uses the space under the bed as more storage space and is minimalistic in furniture, making the room appear more spacey.

8. This attic room appears even smaller than it is because of the sloping ceilings. But the white sheets and walls make the room appear brighter, along with the colorful flowers in the window. Also, the wall hanging lamps do not take up floor space and provide a lot of light, and light gives the appearance of more space!



9. This bedroom looks as if it was fit into a side closet with its compact size and sliding blue door. The white curtains and sheets and the color accents make the room bright and therefore more welcoming, even though it is small.

Was this just not enough for you? Browse through our photo galleries for more ideas!


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