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Beautiful House Main Entrances

Tuesday, October 30th 2012. | Windows & Doors

Beautiful House Entrances are the indication of the beauty of the beautiful interior of homes. Main entrance is the liaison for activities in and out of a house installed on the front area of a house. If it’s applied in residences, the main door is the connector between the porch and the living room.

The presence of a main door can reflect the status social of the occupants. Beautiful house entrances have some characters based on the occupants of the homes. Artistic and Unique door design indicated by the carvings, reflects the occupants have a taste for art. Otherwise, a minimalist door design style reflects its occupants have a simple taste.

The main door of the house is a small part of the house, but his presence is important to indicate beautiful house entrances. The overall appearance of the house would not be optimum, if the main door design does not match with the design of the house entirely.

The beautiful house entrances have varied styles compared the other doors in the house. The design of the door is characterized by its opening type, shape and opening systems. Based on the type of opening system, the main door has three kinds, a single opening (single), double openings (double) and multiple openings.

To get beautiful house entrances, it’s necessary to be supported by a proper materials selection. The main door should be made of strong material that is shock resistant, and safe from the crime. Types of wood used for the main door, such as hardwood, spinach wood and teak. Besides having good durability, those kinds of woods have beautiful textures and resistant to water. In addition to the use of wood, UPVC and glass are also used to create the main door.

Types of glass that are used for the beautiful house entrances are stained glass, sandblast and others. For safety, the glass is sometimes combined with other materials such as wood. The glass layer is usually only used as decorative accents on the door panels. The position, size and shape depend on the design and the model of the main door. For those of you who love luxury and elegant design can add decorations like appendages or architrave for ethnic-style house.

Beautiful House Main Entrances:

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