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Beautiful Victorian Architecture Homes

Wednesday, October 24th 2012. | Architecture

Beautiful architecture homes are everyone’s dream. Having it realized in the real world is something different than just keep dreaming about it. It’s not impossible to bring the dream house in the fairy tale into life. The Victorian house concept is a classical house concept that offers an elegance and luxury as seen in every child’s fairy tale. In the middle of the minimalist house style trend, this classic-shaped house is also still popular with many high class homeowners. Its elegance and classics make the house look luxurious and exclusive. The classic home design is very different to the modern minimalist due to the large numbers of interior ornaments and decors. The Ornaments are deliberately designed to be more prominent so that it looks dominance.

One of the most popular classic home designs that can be applied is the European colonialism Victorian house concept. It is characterized by tall doors and big windows. If you’re interested to apply this beautiful architecture house, there are several things you need to consider: First, the layout structure. The Victorian layout structure reflects the part of the body. For example, the first floor is the feet, second floor becomes the body, and the top floor is as the head.

Second, the selection of decorations. You can apply the concept of Victorian into the roof design, it’s often called as the Cupola. This is a house part that pops up on the roof of the building, so, The shape resembles a tower. The cupola is usually used as the point of view of a building and the solar lighting source.

In the wall, fences, and window decorations are characterized by the curved shape design. While the wood elements can use off white Duco finishing. To maximize the appearance of a Victorian house, you can add natural stone as the flooring. Classic white is the preferred color for the Victorian style. You can also combine it with the contrasts colors, like light or dark colors.

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