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Ego Vitamina Creativa Alter old garage into a contemporary residential

Wednesday, December 5th 2012. | Architecture

Transform the old garage into a contemporary residential and very stylish that goes over the full supervision of the Italian studio Ego Vitamina Creativa. This duplex apartment is located in a city in northern Italy, called Cuneo and bare the name of Casa LD. Distributed on two floors connected by stairs sculpture, public spaces and private related through design and color palette.

A ground floor bright elegant living / dining / cooking area seems to be separated with a column width of the fireplace punctured transparent, but the fluid spaces appear highly correlated. Wood flooring reflects the wodden ceilings, displays the same longitudinal design that seems to elongate beam of natural light entering through the glass doors and windows.

Ego Vitamina Creativa imagine living room where design lines intertwine to form a piece of furniture in dark wood running along the wall opposite the kitchen. This versatile construction acts as a storage space and support the ladder folded metal fence, painted and holes leading to the upstairs bedroom. Unique features of the design complements the apartment and the floor plan to prove that the heart of spatial planning also needs to be a focal point to create an attractive interior design.

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