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Garage Flooring Designs Interior Ideas

Saturday, February 2nd 2013. | Home Design, Interior Design

Garage designs interior ideas define the garage has an important role in the house as well like other parts of the home. The flooring for the garage sometime doesn’t get special attention from the homeowners, whereas it is a shelter for your vehicles, so it has to be well designed. The Carport flooring is one of the most proper options for your garage.

Although its function is only for “trampled” by the car, Carport floor turned out to be enhanced to support the beauty of the house. The positioning of the garage is usually in the front of the house, so, it’s included in the house’s facade. It makes its existence equivalent to the front home landscaping. Therefore, the design of Carport floor should be planned to match the overall architecture of the house.

The materials used for the Carport flooring can be varied. Ranging from cheap to expensive ones. Ranging from simple and elegant to the tacky ones. The materials commonly used are ceramic, cement, concrete, brush, and paving blocks. To create a unique Carport floor appearance, you can creatively try to use new materials, or mix and match them. This option of garage flooring might be a convenient thing for the garage design interior ideas.

Any material you want to use, a good carport floor structure is all about security for the garage design interior ideas. Security here means that the design of Carport floor must not be slippery (especially in the rain or in wet conditions). So, consider making Carport floor surface rough. The structure of the carport must use steel construction in order to hold the weight of the vehicles. The model used for the carport foundation called Rollag. The Rollag is built mainly to strengthen the capacity of the ground on the edge of the carport directly adjacent to an empty ground (garden).

Carport is also used as the washing car area. So, in order to make the water and the dirt aren’t flooded, the Carport floor design should be tilted . Besides useful to facilitate the flow of water, the slope also has another function, which is to simplify the entry of the car into the carport. The slope commonly applied is ± 10%. Which means, each 1 m length of the floor, the height of the surface of the carport must be increased by 100. Do not forget to put drainage holes in the carport.

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