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Home Offices in Tight Spaces

Wednesday, September 18th 2013. | Home Design, Home Office, Interior Design

Houses come in all sizes, but we all need our work space! Here are some examples of home offices that people made for themselves.


There is the stretch of counter that you fit in an outer corner of your kitchen. Throw in an electric plug, a chair, and a desk plant- and you’re set. If it is by a window, even better.

You can build a wall covering bookcase, and custom design a work space in the middle, like these clever home owners:

These home owners built a study area into the cupboard under the stairs.


If you have a closet in your room, make it into a workspace and find other solutions for your clothes. You can make for a private, separate space of your own within your room.

Sometimes you make a home office in your room, just by adding a desk and personalizing it.


Using an unused corner of your house, like the area by the stairs, by placing wall mounted desks and adding some chairs is an excellent space management technique.

If you have a stretch of wall between rooms, in some hallway, you can design an inset office. By coloring the wall, and adding some personal touches, you can make this really look like an office.

If you have an extra space, like a half of a room, in your small apartment, you can turn it into a safe haven for your creativity to roam like these home owners did:


And if all you really have space for is a small corner, take this “hidden desk” cupboard and place a chair near it. If guests arrive, close it up and use the chair as more seating for them.

It doesn’t matter if you’re limited in space. If you need to make a space of your own, you can do it. Check out our Photo Gallery below for more ideas.



Home Offices in Tight Spaces Photo Gallery:


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