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Hotel Lobby Entrance Design

Tuesday, October 30th 2012. | Hotel, Windows & Doors

Entrance design is such a vital part of the entire architectural design. The entrance is also an important part of a building, especially a commercial building. In this case, a hotel lobby entrance is one of the most popular subject of the property design.

The hotel lobby entrance design has its own distinct value compared to other entrance designs. Because, a hotel lobby entrance is the first spot where the guest is welcome. In there, we can see a receptionist table, a set of hi-end sofas, some premium furnishings, and also the smiles of the hotel’s staffs. Therefore, the lobby entrance is like a main provider to every first good impression of a hotel.

In general, to design an entrance design doesn’t take too much time, especially for residence entrances. But, for a hotel lobby entrance, planning is like a guerilla war. It will take much time and repetitive thoughts due to the theme and concept of the hotel. Somehow, everything has its own beginning, and that’s where the architect, the hotel owners, and all the related parts of the hotel meet and do the brainstorming.

Usually, the main hotel entrance is a big pair glass door with the long metal doorknob integrated right in the middle of the door. Or, if you can improve the luxury value of the entrance design, you can choose the automatic glass sliding door. Inside, place the receptionist table right in the front of the entrance door, so that when the guests come in, they directly see the smiles of the receptionists.

For everything in this world, it has its own ethics in order to get the best of it. Sometimes, the entrance design is something that is not really seen by people. People pass through it without any attention to it. But, in the particular property, this “simple” thing means the beginning of everything. Especially, for the commercial property. The exterior and and the entrance are a pair of where the success begins.

Hotel Lobby Entrance Design:

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