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Luxurious Kitchens of 2013

Wednesday, October 2nd 2013. | Kitchen

Kitchens are difficult to name as luxurious because a luxury is something you have in your kitchen that is beyond necessity, and we find that more counter and storage place are always necessities in kitchens! But here are some amazing kitchens we would all dream of having if we lived a life of luxury.


1. This kitchen is fully equipped, with two ovens that we can see, fancy modern art, and beautiful lighting.

2. The windows and lighting in this kitchen make it luxurious.

3. The utter size and length of this kitchen, along with its contemporary chandelier, looks luxurious to us.

4. As usual here at the Home Design Trends Offices, we love the window wall design. Therefore this kitchen seemed luxurious to us. Also, they have steel appliances and multiple ovens.

5. This kitchen includes so much storage, we just loved it. We also loved the design.

6. This kitchen has leather booth seats! Does it get any more deluxe than that?

7. The lighting, the white leather, the contrasting color, and the steel appliances – dream kitchen right here!

8. The beautiful contrast of the wall side of the kitchen being white with black countertops while the island is black with white countertops, balanced with the wooden floor and seats, and the industrial lamps, this kitchen is luxurious design at its finest.

If you want more decor and design ideas for your kitchen, check out some more luxuriously stunning kitchens in our photo gallery.

Luxurious Kitchens of 2013 Photo Gallery:

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