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Make Your Garden A Warm Escape

Tuesday, October 8th 2013. | Garden

Outdoor Fireplaces can change the entire feel of your backyard! Here are different types and designs of fireplaces for you to figure out what would work best for you.


1. You can design an elongated, modern fireplace outside.

2. A second option is designing a stand alone chimney further away from the house. This is an old style, brick chimney in the image below. It creates a warm corner right by the pool!

3. You can have a themed outdoor fireplace that is just on the outer wall of your home.

4. A firepit is another design that can create warmth in the yard.

5. This fireplace is outdoor, near the house so that there is a roof over the patio, yet still outside. A warm bubble near the pool, it is a beautiful setting.

6. This is another fireplace attached to the house but from the outside. It is heavier and made of brick, but the general idea is that it can share the same chimney as an indoor fireplace, but still have warmth on a chilly fall evening.

7. Other than attached to the home outdoor fireplaces and unattached firepits, there are stand alone chimneys.

8. You can always have a stand alone, industrial fireplace that can fit in any corner, even in a small garden. Look how much this orange fireplace adds to the garden!

9. There are many designs for fireplaces. This one is ultra modern, and still survives the outside weather.

10. This almost looks like a stand alone fireplace, and the seating is not on the patio, but it is still attached to the house!


We hope these images were helpful to your garden designs. For more images, feel free to pore over our photo gallery below.


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