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Most Luxurious Bedrooms of 2013

Wednesday, October 2nd 2013. | Bedroom

Here are some beautiful, luxurious, at times over the top bedrooms you can get inspiration from.

1. This view and the glass bed are stunning.

2. Look. At. That. View. (Need I say more?)

-In case I do, you can see the reading/sitting corner at the far end of the bedroom, the parquet floors, and the plush rug and diverse wall designs.

3. You know you’re living a life of luxury when you have room for a bed, a table, and two personal extra large sofa seats. Also, if your rug is white, you have to be ready to wash it often.

4. Check out those satin curtains!

5. This bedroom has a beautiful view, a large flat screen TV, and a fireplace!

6. Look at how textured this room is  – from the fabric bed to the rug to the light to the long, impressive curtains, to the paint design on the walls, to the table decor, this room is plush galore.

7. This room is spacious with a stunning view. Pure Luxury.

8. When your bed is made of white leather, and the walls are textured with fabric, you are living a life of luxury.

For more fancy bedrooms, check out our gallery below.


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