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Simple Minimalist Office

Monday, October 29th 2012. | Office

Design office is an important thing for its occupants which are the employees of the office. A right interior office design will enhance the performance of the employer and also makes the office so inviting for the clients or guests. An office interior is identical to the working space that is simple but modern. Designing your office can improve the working performance of its occupants.

The minimalist interior design, which is so popular nowadays for the house design, can also be integrated into your design office. The minimalist office interior design will show your personality to people that come into your office or guests. By displaying well the collection of books that you will give a positive impression to the guests.

In Designing the minimalist interior office, the size of the room is the first that needs to be considered. However, since the design office depends on the profession, it has to be adjusted with the necessity of each profession. The size of the room has to be the main idea of the planning design, so once the office design is done, you can do all your activities without problems.

Creating a minimalist office is easy, but designing the efficient, beautiful and elegant office interior is difficult. There’s a lot of things to consider in the design office.

1. The working space necessity
Every profession has different necessities for a working space. An accountant’s company’s office will certainly be different from the garment company’s office. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is measure the needed room. Measure it carefully, and don’t get mistaken measuring the room, so that the office won’t be too small or too large that will take the actual space for other purposes.

2. Furnishings
Determine what kind of office furnishings that you want to create. Since you design a minimalist office, you should choose the minimalist furnishings to match with the character and the concept. If you intend to make a wooden chair for the employers, you have to design it carefully due to the comfort of the employers that will sit all day long on those chairs.

3. Lightings
The lighting for the office interiors should be adjusted to sitting or reading position of the employers.

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