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The Dining Table Size For A Small Dining Room

Monday, October 29th 2012. | Dining Room

Dining table size usually has a standard measurement on the market. Either the four-seat, six-seat, or more, it has its own standard measurement. There are several factors for you to choose the right dining table size. The provided space for the dining room, the dining table has to perfectly fit in the room, consider choosing the adequate dining table size, no bigger or smaller size, so that the table and the room will be slightly synchronized. Another thing is, the members of the home occupants, or how many people that will seat. If your home is kind of a gathering place of your family or friends, you have to provide a big dining table size, so that it will accommodate and facilitate the gathering time.

The dining table is one of the few things most important and most frequently used in the house. Therefore the house interior layout and the dining table should be able to be harmonized. A too big dining table could make the dining room seem too crowded, and it will hardly accommodate the people to sit around. Meanwhile, if the table size is too small, it would make the dining room look empty and boring. Therefore, there are a few dining table designs that offer a proper size for those of you who have a small dining room space.

The round and square dining table design
The round and rectangular dining table usually have a large size. For the smaller version size, it can save space better than the rectangular table, and it also can bring a visual enhancement for the small dining room. The square dining table with four chairs is generally equipped with four chairs, sometimes some tables are better suited for two seats only. The square dining table with the width of 75 cm is more convenient for two seats, and the square dining table size of 85 to 120 cm or 150 cm is comfortable for four seats.

For the round dining table, you can find the table with bistro or cafe-style round table to display a unique dining room. The standard measurement for the round table diameter is 60 to 75 cm for two dining chairs or the diameter of 80-130 cm is best suited for four seats.

Expandable rectangular dining table
If you prefer a rectangular table in order to accommodate many people, extension table (expandable dining table) may be suitable for you. This dining table design is designed for a small dining room.

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