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Top 10 Bathroom Colors of 2014

Sunday, September 22nd 2013. | Bathroom, Home Design

As you design and redo your bathroom, consider these top ten colors for your bathroom. These are the most popular colors and combinations for 2014.


10. Green made it to the top ten this year. Depending on the shade, green can give an effect of nature, traditional, or fun and wacky.

9. Black gives a contemporary chic feel to your bathroom.

8. A brown bathroom can be contemporary but also, with the right lighting, very spiritual and calming.


7. Light Blue is refreshing and fun in a bathroom. Check out this example and some others in our Photo Gallery.


6. Dark Marble gives off the impression of wealth and class and made it to number 6 this year.

5. In fifth place this year, you can find Beige bathrooms. Beige is slightly warmer and more homey than the traditional white.

4. Light Marble colors are clean and are somewhere between the classic, traditional white, and the warm and welcoming beige, with a touch of wealth and brings us back to old Greek temples.

3. Grey is in third place today. It is a clean, and gives a contemporary and modern look to your bathroom.

2. Wood design, whether dark or light, makes a bathroom warm and welcoming and down to earth. It has a calming effect.

1. In first place in 2014, White! It is classic. It is traditional. It is simple, clean, and beautiful.



For more colors, designs, and ideas, check out our photo gallery below!


Top 10 Bathroom Colors of 2014 Photo Gallery:



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