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Top 10 Bathroom Designs of 2013

Tuesday, September 24th 2013. | Bathroom, Home Design, Interior Design

The Home Design Trends Offices are bringing you our Top 10 Bathroom Designs of 2013! In our compilation we have considered originality, storage, and class. Check out our top choices!


10. We loved this clean cut bathroom with the inset space for magazines. It is very practical, sharp, and beautiful.

9. The combination of cement, glass, and metal make this industrial modern bathroom beautiful even with its simplistic wall and lack of decoration.


8.  This bathroom’s light blue color adds a softness to it and a calming effect that we like in our bathrooms.


7. Other than it’s creative design and great storage space, we loved this bathroom because it made us smile. It reminded us of bathroom designs you would find in the castle of a princess.

We also loved how much space there is in that shower!


6. This bathroom has a calm and warm feeling and supplies a truly practical amount of storage without make it feel stuffy or crowded.


5. If we had this themed bathroom in our home, we’d always feel as if we were on vacation. Imagine walking into this wonderland and showering in a steamy hot shower to clean up after a long day of work in the cosmopolitan world?


4. This bathroom was well liked throughout our office for several reasons. First, the colors are dark yet calming. Next, we loved that it has everything – a bath and a shower. We loved the storage design and the actual furniture design, very sleek. But what we liked the most is this glass separation between the wet showering area and the dry rest of the bathroom. It helps with drainage and controls mess. It also might improve safety in terms of reducing slippery wet floors.

3. This bathroom vote was all about location, location, location. Check out that absolutely stunning view from that bathtub! That is a win in our book.

2. This bathroom is the dream bathroom. The circular design creates a warm enclosed vibe even in this large space. There is fantastic storage space, a large bath, and a beautifully placed window with greenery to enhance the warm, natural vibe of the room. The colors are also calming, and the lighting improves the ambiance.


1. This bathroom got our number one vote this year because of its beauty and utility. The storage space is great (check our the storage under the bath too!), the beauty parlor area with the seat that does not stick out much, and the two showers! Two showers means two people showering at once meaning no line for the shower in the morning. This is great in practical terms, and can be fun too!



We hope these serve as great inspiration for your home designs!


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