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Top 10 Bedroom Colors of 2014

Sunday, September 22nd 2013. | Apartment, Bedroom, Home Design, Interior Design

As 2014 approaches, we have prepared a list of the hottest colors for your bedroom.


10. In tenth place is Black. This color is dark but it can also look very chic, especially if used in the designs of wallpaper like this example.

9. Pink is a favorite among some people and adds quite a lot of character to a room.

8. Green made it to eighth place. It comes in many shades that give off different vibes. You can go with a deep forest green, with some wooden furniture, for a warm, traditional room, or a pastel green for a calm effect, and a bright green for some fun and spark.

7. Beige is not the clean cut white, but a softer version. It can add a lot of warmth to a room.


6. In sixth place is Brown this year. Brown has a versatile effect on a room, depending on your use of color, and the shade. It can be very rustic, very warm, and very contemporary all at once. Check out this example here, and some more in our photo gallery.


5. Wooden bedrooms are at number 5 this year. These bedrooms can fit in well with a rustic home design, or a contemporary modern design as well. There are different shades of wood, and different options. You can put wooden wall decorations, wooden furniture, or a parquet floor. It gives a very homey and grounded feel to any room.

4. White is a classic choice. It is clean and reflects light beautifully in a room with a window.

3. White with accents is in the top three for 2014! This is not the classic white room, but rather a room with brightly colored accents thrown in to add some life and a fun and bright vibe to the room.

2. The runner up for 2014 is Blue. Blue is a tranquil and beautiful color. Check out the different shades and their effects in our many images in the Photo Gallery at the bottom.

1. In first place for 2014, is Grey Bedrooms. This neutral color can go both rustic and contemporary in vibe and the many shades make it a multifaceted color.

We hope this list will be useful for you in your Bedroom design this year!



Top 10 Bedroom Colors of 2014 Photo Gallery:

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