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Top 10 Bedrooms of 2013

Tuesday, September 24th 2013. | Apartment, Bedroom, Home Design, Interior Design

Here are the Best Bedroom Designs of this past year! We considered colors, furniture and placement in our calculations.


10. If this bedroom does not take your breath away, I cannot imagine what would. From the plush bed to the warm reading corner to the magnificent view, this bedroom is perfect.



9. This colorful bedroom with high ceilings has a lot of space and a lot of attitude. We loved it!


8. This bedroom is themed and very appropriate for travelers, but even with a theme, they kept this bedroom very classy.


7. While this room is not classy, and we are not great fans of the creepy stuffed animal they’ve placed on the bed, the overall theme and design of the room is quite unique and sets a cool atmosphere.


6. This bedroom is traditional, but the beige and white colors make it warm and appealing. The many windows and skylight let in flattering light and the whole ambiance is soft and pleasant.



5. This room has beautiful matching design with the house itself, and the view is just spectacular. My only complaint is that there are no shades…but if you’re planning full days in the sun, this is perfect. And the direct access to beach-front porch is very inviting.


4. This room, with its colorful, twinkling lights, and its many colorful pillows, just screams “Climb In” and makes me want to grab my favorite book and cuddle up with a hot cup of tea.


3. This room is both chic and warm. It is both contemporary and rustic. The color combination is attractive, and the storage space is well designed.


2. This bedroom is great because it is rustic and homey, and has that wonderful reading corner to cuddle up in and spend the afternoon/ evening reading and occasionally glancing out towards the stunning view. It’s also fantastic that there is a fireplace in the room to keep things warm and toasty!

1. This room may not have a magnificent view, but it creates the magic of nature on its own. It brings a great vibe in with the design of the bed, the wall mural, and the coloring. We found this room a great use of resources and very unique.

We hope these images have served has some inspiration for your home designs. If you need some more ideas, check out our photo gallery down below!


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