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Top 10 Dining Rooms of 2013

Tuesday, October 1st 2013. | Dining Room

Dining areas are where people come together to enjoy food together. They are an important part of any home, and their furniture and design should be considered. Here are some of our favorite designs from this past year.


1. This dining room has beautiful modern color design, and a contemporary chandelier that keeps things classy. The table is shiny, yet the fabric and the heavy set chairs make it seem almost traditional. 


2. The dark plush seats contrast beautifully with the stunning wooden table. The centerpieces are natural and add some color and life into the room.

3. This room is lighter than the previous ones, but still looks classy and elegant.

4. We love this rustic meets modern look of the farmhouse with the industrial lights and chairs, as well as the uniquely rustic and industrial decor.

5. The heavy table is counteracted by the light wicker chairs, creating a well balanced looking dining area. It is also by the window which brings in beautiful natural lighting.

6. You can always go for the more traditional looking dining room, with the dark wood and the contrasting light colors, the heavy curtains, and the golden accents. This place almost looks like a room in a palace.


7. We loved the fact that this dining room is facing a stunning view.

8. Dining rooms can have round tables too! We liked the stark whiteness of this room. The fabric of the seats and the curtains softens the bright color.

9. This room is dark, but the light chairs and glass table lighten it up. A truly balanced masterpiece in design.

10. This sunny yellow room with the whitewashed wooden furniture is light yet formal, with a balance of warmth and cold. We loved the contrasting colors, the natural lighting, and the overall design of the room. It is where severity and warmth come together to enjoy a well balanced, friendly meal.

For more fantastic, creative, interesting, and beautiful designs, glance over our photo gallery below.


Top 10 Dining Rooms of 2013 Photo Gallery:

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