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Top 10 Interior Designs of 2013

Wednesday, September 25th 2013. | Apartment, Home Design, Interior Design

The overall winners for this year’s Top Interior designs have been decided on and we are listing them for you right here! It was a tough competition here in the office. Opinions were running wild. But we finally managed on settling for the top designs for you!¬†And here they are….


10. Color Blocking was a big thing in interior design this year and we hope it stays! This living room is beautifully designed.


9. This Dining Room was an office favorite. We loved the warm colors. The dining room is a formal place, and the furniture – the wooden and black themed table and chairs- fit a formal setting. But this setting is brightened to a happy formal rather than a dark and serious formal event with the yellow walls, eccentric mirror, and red accents. The colors beautifully contrast and bring out a vibe of life and happiness.



8. Here at the Home Design Trends Office we loved this room. We loved the creativity and the flow that this designer gave to this room. From the bedding to the carvings to the wall mural, this room is thought out and original, calm and active simultaneously.



7. This breakfast nook won our hearts. The wall shape making this corner unique and slightly separate from the house is nice. It is more enclosed and makes it warmer. We also loved the soft lighting, the wall color, and the practicality of placing a sink right near by – genius!



6. This living room combines a few interior design aspects of 2013 that we particularly loved. We loved the soft coloring and the differing textures of the room. There is the texture-looking sofa upholstery in that dark grey, the fuzzy white carpet, the hard plastic white chair on the side, the shiny and hard glass table, and the contrasting fuzzy white carpet. We also loved the matte vs shiny design that is going on in this room. Lastly, the unique inset fireplace, along with matching chic storage space. This living room is very well thought out, contemporary, and beautiful.


5. This was a beloved office -once again because of the color blocking, which was a huge hit this year. We also loved the plush furniture.


4. We loved this living room because of the use of space. The clever hanging shelves on the wall, the two seats to look at the fantastic city view they have, the fuzzy carpet, and that awesome lamp! The wall decorations, the white and black color theme – these designers thought this room out well, used the space well, used that window light well, and stunned us.


3. This kitchen has already appeared in our top ten lists before. We loved the high ceilings, the lighting, and the storage and overall design of the dark countertop contrasting with the rest of the sparkling white kitchen.


2. This bathroom is so unique! We love the wooden walls, plush carpet, unique deep bath, and beautiful large window out to the yard.


1. This bedroom won in our book because we, as you’ve seen throughout this list, love contrast. We love the heavy wood balanced with the light plastic chair. We love the balance of the smooth painted wall and the rough wood along with the textured bedding. We also love the warm color of the wood contrasting the cold blue and purple. This whole room is also a combination of rustic with modern and we just love this look!


Let us know what you think and whether there were other designs you saw that should have won! Write us comments! Send us messages! We would love to hear from you.


And for some runner ups, here is our photo gallery…

Top 10 Interior Designs of 2013 Photo Gallery:

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