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Top 10 Kids Bedrooms

Sunday, September 22nd 2013. | Apartment, Bedroom, Home Design, Interior Design, Kids

Our kids come first and we want to make their bedrooms both fun and useful. We want their bedrooms to serve their¬† imagination and make their dreams a reality. Here are some great ideas for your children’s bedrooms.


1. Does your child love to put on plays or perform the latest song they learned? Put a stage in their room to support their theatrical side!

2. Make the bedroom a playroom as well!

Bring the playground into your home but keep it stylish by making swing beds!

3. Does your child love Pirate ships? Making a room pirate themed but keeping it beautiful is one thing these designers did well:

4. Give your kid a place for creativity and organization within their room – put in a white board/chalk board as part of the room design!

5. Specially carved furniture that looks like a ship or a magic carpet can be the perfect carriage into a night of fantastical dreams.

6. Does your child have a fascination with the mysteries of the deep? Fuel that drive with a beautiful under-the-sea themed bedroom.

7. A simple mural can go a long way, and so can an inspirational quote.

(Look how these designers incorporated the shelving into the mural)


8. Does your kid have a favorite color? Check these color themed rooms out:


9. Do your children love the outdoors? Make their bedroom into a refreshing outdoor haven with these tricks: Paint the ceiling like the sky! Build the furniture out of wood! Make the bed into a campsite!


10. Theming your child’s bedroom in general can combine all of these tricks into creating the perfect child’s bedroom.

Polka Dot Theme:

Dr Seuss Theme:

Jungle Theme:

Browse through our Photo Gallery for some more great ideas for your child’s bedroom!


¬†Top 10 Kids’ Bedrooms Photo Gallery:





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