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Top 10 Kitchen Colors of 2014

Wednesday, September 18th 2013. | Apartment, Home Design, Interior Design, Kitchen

Here is a list, in ascending order, of the most popular Kitchen Colors for 2014


10. In tenth place, we have the Forest Green Kitchen.

9. In ninth place stands the unique and sunny Turquoise!

8. In eighth place, the rustic wood and brick has taken its stronghold.

7. Butter Yellow makes every kitchen look happy and welcoming, and will put a smile on any guest that smells the cookies baking, and just makes you want to flip some pancakes.

6. The faded grey comes in sixth place this year. This color gives an old-fashioned feel and makes the kitchen feel welcoming and farmhouse like.

5.  Red Accents are kicking it up a notch and made it into fifth place this year! Give your kitchen a little flare by upholstering your dining seats with red, putting in red knobs on your stove-oven, and painting some of your cabinets red.

4. Contrast is definitely a winner this year and the half-black half-white combination is leading this race in fourth place!

3. In third place this year, we have the black kitchen. Chic and classy is what we go for in this kitchen design

2. Runner Up in our Top Ten competition for 2014 is all-wooden kitchens! Whether it be light wood or dark wood, these natural colors give a homey feel to any kitchen

1. And the Winner for 2014 is …..drum roll please…….White Kitchens!!!!!! Keeping it light, giving any kitchen a clean and spacious look and getting hit by light in the most flattering ways, the white kitchens of 2014 are just awe inspiring.



Feel free to flip through our Photo Gallery for more pictures of our top ten colors and their different options as well as some great kitchens that did not make the list this year.



Top 10 Kitchen Colors of 2014 Photo Gallery:



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