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Top 10 Kitchens of 2013

Tuesday, September 24th 2013. | Home Design, Interior Design, Kitchen

Here at our Home Design Trends Office, we have been looking through many different designs, colors, and ideas for kitchens and decided to come up with a compilation of our favorite kitchens!

These were our winners:


10.  We loved how this kitchen gave some attitude and warmth by adding red accents and fabric stools at the bar.

9. An organized kitchen is a sweet haven in our opinions. Our office loved these family organization tools that this kitchen provided!

8. We liked the use of space in this kitchen, combining both a Galley storage space quality by continuing in the hallway in the back with the island section in the open area out front.

7. The colors in the galley kitchen are beautiful and warm. They beautifully counteract each other and are enhanced by the door leading to the yard in the back. We also liked the glass cabinets that help you easily locate everything!

6. Nothing feels more homey than this dark wood and butter yellow kitchen. The candle chandelier and mosaic back-splash make this kitchen seem like right out of Grandma’s cottage in the fairy tales. Can’t you just smell those chocolate chip cookies baking?



5.  We Loved the use of the light and windows along with the wooden and white kitchen. It has a contemporary design but is still welcoming and warm.

4. At our Home Design Trends office, we are definitely animal lovers, and that is why we chose this kitchen for our top ten list. We loved how these designers kept the pets in mind when designing this kitchen. It was such a great idea, we had to share!


3. If you are going to design your kitchen in a contemporary style, then we would recommend just copying this one. We loved the lights, the decor, and the color contrast in this kitchen.


2. These kitchen owners  cleverly took advantage of their beautiful yard with this tall glass wall. The industrial metal black wall that is not fully closed creates a balance between the man made and the natural in this home.



1. We loved everything about this kitchen, from the great lighting to the contrast in color between the counter-tops and cabinets to the high ceilings and excellent storage space design. That is why this kitchen made it into our number one spot this year.


Check out some of our runner ups and gather great ideas for your new kitchen through our photo gallery!


Top 10 Kitchens of 2014 Photo Gallery:

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