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Top 10 Living Room Colors of 2014

Tuesday, September 24th 2013. | Home Design, Interior Design, Living Room

The Home Design Trends Office brings you the Top Ten Colors for your Living Room for this coming 2014!!!

10. Colorful – it’s been a fashion this year to actually not choose one color, but design in color block – using bright, contrasting colors.


9. Black and White – the old but true contrasting colors make for a great design combination.

8. Red – this bright and warm color has been starring as a main player in many a modern living rooms.

7. Green – depending on the shade, can be exciting and modern, or calming and traditional. In this case, the bright color gives the design in this room a kick.

6. Orange – seems to be a popular color this year! It contrasts very nicely with many colors and is a warm color that compliments wooden furniture.

5. Blue – a calming and royal color that adds richness to any room. Look at this plush and beautiful room:

4. Brown – a calm, warm, and classic color that makes any family room inviting.

3. White – clean and crisp. White is harder to keep clean, so it may not be recommended for families with young children, but if your children are all grown up, this color is so beautiful and makes every room brighter.

2. Grey  Рis useful for color blocking and color combinations. It is a very neutral color, and can be good in different lighting. It does not overpower and still can keep a room light and welcoming like white, but conceals dirt better.

1. Beige – a calm and neutral color, close to white, but warmer. It makes for a warm and welcoming, but mature and wealthy looking living room.


For some images of our runner ups this year, check out our photo gallery below!


Top 10 Living Room Colors of 2014 Photo Gallery:

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