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Top 10 Small Space Designs!

Tuesday, October 1st 2013. | Interior Design

Do you live in a small apartment or house? Here are some great designers that maximized their space in these beautiful, chic, and sometimes fun designs!


10. We loved the bright white color and the built in storage space! Taking advantage of every inch of space in this room!

9. These living rooms have such great storage solutions. Look at this first example, with the reading mattress placed on top of that book cabinet. Genius space saving ideas.



8. This home office is compact and concealable. We loved it!

7. You can have a breakfast nook even in the smallest of apartments.

6. This narrow bathroom tripled its size when the designer placed an optical illusion mural on the back wall! And look at that toilet paper storage!

5. These designers maximized this room by lofting the bed and putting an excellent amount of storage space underneath.

4. This bathroom uses all of its walls to optimize storage. The glass and white color make it look larger, and look at the placement of the towel bar! Remarkable design.

3. Foldable furniture is so useful in small spaces! Check out both this kitchen and living room, and their use of foldable furniture.


2. This breakfast nook is also a work space, and it can be used as a dining spa

1. We loved the red accents and jugs that help turn this small old kitchen into adorable and filled with character.

Do you have some of your own small space designs you want to share? Feel free to post or comment! If these 10 were not enough and you need some more, peruse through our photo gallery and some of our other small space designs articles for fantastic ideas.


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