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Top 5 Bathroom Storage Styles

Monday, September 16th 2013. | Bathroom

The Bathroom is the one room in the house in which we keep almost all of our personal products and dirty laundry that we want private. The bathroom needs to have convenient storage which can conceal these products and still appear beautiful and clean. Most times, we also have a great amount of products we want to keep in our bathroom, from toothbrushes, to toothpaste, to hair products, to make up, to towels of different sizes, to soaps and lotions, and much more. Here we have a collection of bathroom designs that have different approaches to solving the bathroom storage dilemmas.


1. One way to maximize your storage space in the bathroom is by using shelves for the less private things, such as lotions and clean towels (clearing up some room in your drawers for the more private things)



2. There are the bathroom designers who go with the narrow but tall style storage

3. Then there are the bathrooms with the more rustic, or lower set cabinet storage under the sink

4. The people who have a lot of things to store in their bathrooms may want to go with the full wall of cabinets – combining both the tall and the short designs

5. Then there are those who want a lot more options, and for them we have some examples of bathrooms that maximize all wall space with different styles of shelving and storage space

Look around our gallery to get some more great ideas and figure out the best storage style for you

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