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What Breakfast Nook Is Right For You?

Tuesday, September 17th 2013. | Interior Design, Kitchen

There are Dining Rooms and there are Kitchens, but sometimes you need something quaint and intermediary between the two, and in that case a breakfast nook is perfect.

Breakfast nooks come in all shapes and sizes and can be personalized to your every need, and they make your wake-up experience more pleasant!

Here is a compilation of different styles of breakfast nooks so that you can figure out which one is right for you!


1. The Booth- this has a feel of a diner in your home. It is wholesome and gives a warm feeling. upholstering it with warm colors and placing it by a window that lets in the natural light makes this the perfect place to start the day – whether it be a morning cup of coffee and the paper, or pancakes and omelets with the whole family.


2. The Window Booth tucked into a bay – this maximizes the room in your kitchen and lets light in from three sides. It also allows you to add more seats on the other side to seat more people.

3. The Mid-Kitchen Island Nook – In case you do not have a window bay, or room for a booth – you can create a comfortable nook for your family to enjoy a wholesome meal right off the island in your kitchen.

4. No place is too small to fit a breakfast nook! You can fit a small round table and a miniature love seat to make a romantic nook for two.

5. End your counters early and put in a banquette to make an adorably warm corner in a small kitchen.

6. Give your breakfast a little homely touch by putting in a wooden table and plaid upholstery – go rustic.

7. Personalize your nook by hanging framed photos or drawings.

8. For an easy clean up, use vinyl for your upholstery.

9. Put in extra storage under the booth in your nook to place tablecloths and napkins. It’s multi-purpose design!

10. You can design a nook that is multi-purpose that can be both a breakfast nook, a tea corner, and workspace.

Now you’re ready to head out and find the perfect Breakfast Nook Design for you!



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